How to fingerpick guitar chords

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How to fingerpick guitar chords with your right hand

There are four fingers that you’re going to be using on your right hand: the thumb, index, middle and the ring finger. They will be assigned to certain strings. You’re going to take the first finger and you’re going to place it on the third string, counting up, one, two, three. Then you’re going to take the middle finger and place it on the second string: one, two. The ring finger will go on the first string. The thumb will used for multiple strings, it will be played on the fourth, fifth and sixth string. And you’re going to use more the side of the thumb, like this. So, you can play the fourth string, the fifth string and the sixth string with the thumb. The index finger with the third string and you will pluck that in an upward motion. The second string, we’ll be using the middle finger with an upward motion. And the ring finger will be on the first string with an upward motion. So, let’s go play a D chord by using the right hand. What we’re going to do is, we’re going to play the fourth string, third string, second string to first string. So, we’re just going to go right on through the strings. Fourth string, third, second and first string. Try to do it nice and evenly. Let’s go to the C chord. Now, we’re going to strum or pick the fifth string, then the third string, then the second string, and then the first. So, we’re going fifth string, third string, second, and first string. Nice and even. Now, to the G chord, we’re going to play the sixth string, and then the third string, second string, first string. So, six, three, two, one. String six, three, two, one.

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