Guitar lesson – A minor pentatonic

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A minor pentatonic scale

A pentatonic scale is a five-note scale. We’re going to take the first finger and place it on the sixth string, fifth fret. Then, we’re going to go to the eighth fret of that same string, and use pinky, finger number four, on the eighth fret. So, we we’re going from five to eight on the sixth string. Then, we go down to the fifth fret, fifth string, with the first finger. Seventh fret, with the third finger. Down to the fourth string, first finger, fifth fret. Still on the fourth string, seventh fret, third finger. On to the third string, fifth fret, first finger. Third string, seventh fret, third finger. Second string, fifth fret, first finger. Second string, eighth fret, fourth finger. And then, to the fifth fret of the first string. And that is an A minor pentatonic scale.

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