G5 Cadd9 Chord Progression

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G5 and the Cadd9 guitar chords

We’re going to start out with the G chord or the G5. We’re going to take the second finger and place it on the sixth string, third fret. Fret one, fret two, fret three. Again, second finger, third fret, right behind that third fret and use tip. Then we’re going to take the first finger and place it on the second fret. Fret one, fret two. Fifth string, so it’s string six, string five, on the second fret, first finger. Then we’re going to take finger number three and we’re going to place it on the second string, string one, string two. On the third fret, so finger number three, third fret, second string. Now we’re going to take the fourth finger, place it on the first string, third fret, using the tip. And you’re going to strum all six strings, and that’s a G chord. If you mute out the fifth string by leaning the second finger over, and just strumming those six strings but only getting five, that’s a G5. The Cadd9 is moving the first and second finger down one string. So what we’re going to do is take the first finger, put it on the fourth string, behind the second fret. And then, we’re going to take the second finger, and put it on the third fret, of the fifth string. And you’re only going to strum five strings: one, two, three, four, five. And that’s a Cadd9. It’s a real common chord change. So, what we’ll do is practice going from the G or G5, to the Cadd9. We’ll play four G’s, one, two, three, four. And then go to the Cadd9, only strumming five strings.

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