Choosing a guitar

San Diego guitar lessons. Styles include: rock, classical, jazz, country, blues, Spanish Flamenco, folk, slide Dobro, pop, punk, metal, rockabilly, reggae, ska, gospel, praise, surf guitar 13412 Pomerado Rd Suite A Poway, CA 92064

My name is Glenn Sutton. My website is I am a professional guitar teacher with 25 years of experience. Some of the most common questions people ask me are what kind of guitar to start lessons with and how should I acquire that guitar? Should I buy or should I rent? There is three basic types of guitar. There is the acoustic nylon string guitar which is considered the Spanish or the classical guitar and that is played with your fingers. Those come in half size or three quarter size for the younger student. There is acoustic steel string guitar which is used for pop, rock, country, blues, jazz. It’s used for quite a few styles of music and that also is in a half size and a three quarter size. This guitar might be a little harder to play due to the steel strings where the nylon string is a little bit easier to press down. The nylon string though does have a wider neck though so the hand reach could be a little difficult for the younger students. There is the electric guitar which is used for a wide variety of styles from rock, pop, country, blues, metal, punk but it will need an amplifier. Here is a picture of like a small amplifier that you can use for home use. You can rent acoustic guitar for about $20-25 a month. If you go out to buy acoustic guitar they can start around $100 and go up from there. You can rent electric guitar starting from about $25-30 a month and that would come with the amplifier. You can buy electric guitar starting around $100 and they can go up from there but then you would need to buy an amplifier. A small amplifier will start around $80 and they will go up from there. There is the electric guitar package where you would get the electric guitar, the amplifier, and even a gig bag and those start around $200 and go up from there.

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