Tips on Buying a Guitar

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It’s always exciting to buy your first musical instrument – even more so when it’s a guitar. The guitar is a special instrument, which can easily produce a variety of sounds and fill the room with a smooth rhythm. However, when it’s the first instrument you’re buying and you have no experience with this sort of thing, it’s important to keep in mind some basic guidelines for making the right choice – and remember to stay cautious at all times!

Choosing the right kind

The most important thing you should decide is what kind of a guitar you’re going to get – an acoustic, electric, or even classical guitar. The choice should be based on the type of music you’d like to play; for example, if you’re interested in rock, metal or other contemporary styles, you should get an electric guitar. On the other hand, playing country music and other more classical styles would is often best done with an acoustic one. On a side note, if you’ve never played the guitar before, you should probably get an acoustic one while you’re still learning the rudiments. (Guitar Chords, Tablature, Finger Picking, etc.).

Electric guitar

Electric guitar
San Diego guitar lessons

New versus used

Next up, decide whether you’re going to get a new or used guitar. The main factor here is how much you’re willing to spend – often, if you’re buying for the first time and you’re on a budget, going second-hand is the better idea. Don’t forget that buying a new guitar will give you a much more varied range of options though; and always have someone test the guitar for you if you’re buying a used one.

Different brands and models

There are many manufacturers of guitars nowadays, and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the more popular ones before choosing a particular one. Then, learn about the different models and know what’s more appropriate for you – often, adults would require a full-size guitar, while children are going to need a ½ to ¾ model. Also choose the material for your future guitar, as that would matter a lot.


Before you finalize the deal and choose the guitar you’ll be buying, you must test its performance – the only way to do that is to play the guitar for a while. This way, you can check if you’re comfortable enough playing it, and whether the instrument sounds well enough. If you’re a beginner, you should be looking for a low-action acoustic guitar, which shouldn’t give you much trouble in its handling.

Place of purchase

If you’re limited in your budget, the best way to shop wisely is to go online – this will give you the best deals in most cases. However, remember to check out the company’s specific return policy – this will vary from company to company, and in some cases you may not have enough time to fully determine the guitar’s quality and check out if it fits the bill. Plus, the Internet will often give you the best price compared to other retailers, which is always a bonus when you’re limited in this regard.

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