Tips when Renting a Guitar

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Guitars are probably the most commonly sought-after instruments for up-and-coming musicians. It can really make quite the difference if you have an instrument that you can constantly practice on; however, if you’re in any situation where you have such a large number of instruments which you want to play, or you’re limited financially, then renting a guitar would typically be the better option. There are several factors that are important to consider in the whole process.

1 – What type of guitar are you interested in? There are three main types to consider; the classical, acoustic, and electric guitars. Acoustic and electric guitars can be played on any type of music, from rock and pop, to country, and modern or heavy metal. Classical guitars are, naturally, mainly used for classical music and they’re easier on your fingers too. This type of guitar is normally popular for beginners. Acoustic guitars are played if you want to make some loud sound, because they’re hollow – conversely, you’ll need to get an amplifier if you want to project the sound from the electric guitar properly. Something else to consider is that the electric guitar is easier and lighter to play, compared to the acoustic guitar.

2 – Who’ll be playing the guitar? If you’re getting it for a child, then you’ll need to look for a smaller-bodied guitar with ½ to ¾ size nylon strings. Guitars with nylon strings are easier to press down – and nylon string also fits perfectly with small-framed guitars. For adults, there are also some cases that you finally decide to get a guitar, but it ends up entirely different from what you rented and practiced on in the beginning.

3/4 size classical nylon string guitar

3/4 size classical nylon string guitar

3 – Do you know where to rent the guitar in the first place? There are various shops where you can rent a guitar with a “rent-to-own” policy, and some rental shops also offer specialized services like tuning up the guitar before you take it home.

Ideally, you should bring along someone experienced with the subject, who can help you make a more informed choice – this will make quite a big difference in the end.

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