Taylor Acoustic Guitars: A Review

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For acoustic guitarists, the renowned Taylor line of acoustics is a top choice. The reason is clear-Taylor acoustics lead the pack in tonal quality. From the affordable 100s to the Signature Series, there is a Taylor to fit every budget and playing level. All Taylors are made with top quality woods and beautiful finishes. Over 20 new models have recently been added to the line.

Great for Beginners

Every note played on a Taylor is filled with great tone quality, helping the beginner to distinguish the sounds more clearly. The difference is in the wood. Taylor constructs its guitars from woods known for their signature tonal quality. Their unique sound is sought after by professional musicians worldwide., including Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews and the legendary Leo Kottke.

Shape for Tone

Shape is critical to the sound of a guitar. The shape of the guitar will determine the sound between a more “bass-y” tone and a lighter pitch. The proportional length of the neck and overall alignment to the guitar are major determining factors, as well. Pros choose Taylor because of the rigid proportional specifications they use for their guitar designs. From its exacting neck angle to its well-crafted body design, Taylor is one of the most dependable brands around.

Taylor acoustic guitar

Taylor acoustic guitar


The Industry Leader

Acoustic guitars create beautiful music. From flamenco to folk and blues, a Taylor guitar is an extension of your musical soul. As a guitarist, your true soul mate is your instrument. A finely-crafted Taylor is a reward to yourself. Since 1974, Taylor has been researching, developing and improving its product. A visit to taylorguitars.com will further show that their craftsmanship and high quality make their guitars among the most desired in the world. You will want one, too.


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