Caring for Your Guitar

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Have you ever wondered what the proper way to care for your guitar is? Learning how to properly care for your guitar and maintain it is extremely important if you want consistent sound and music from it—not to mention to protect your investment. Read on now to learn a whole lot more about proper musical instrument maintenance.

Music is a big part of many people’s lives – and even though pretty much everybody can learn to play some instrument and produce music with it, only a few actually manage to captivate the minds of others and create music that’s truly unique and memorable. If you’re a masterful musician, it doesn’t really matter what particular instrument you play – you would always know what it takes to engage your listeners.

However, being a truly good musician isn’t just about playing your instrument right – you must also know how to care for it and preserve it in the long run. This is especially valid with instruments like the acoustic guitar, which, when cared for properly, has a great potential to improve the quality of its sound as time goes by.

Proper guitar care doesn’t just result in being able to use your instrument longer – it means that every time you pick it up, it’s going to sound exactly how you’d expect it, without any artifacts messing up your sound. This is true for pretty much any kind of guitar, so guitar care is something that should be properly taught to anyone with aspirations for playing that instrument.

Storage is the most important aspect of guitar care. Different people use their guitars differently – you might be a professional teacher who keeps his/her guitar in use on a daily basis, or a hobbyist who only picks it up on the weekends to practice a little. Regardless, it’s important to figure out how to properly store your guitar in order to protect it for the long run. This starts with investing in a high-quality guitar case which would protect the guitar against scratches, dents and other kinds of physical harm. Plus, it also makes it more comfortable to carry the guitar with you while protecting it during those trips too.

Guitar case

Guitar case
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Appropriate temperature for storing your guitar is around regular room temperature – around 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit – which would best protect it against climate’s harmful effects. You can even use an air humidifier to help if the air is too dry.

Next up we’ve got the cleaning procedure – it’s important to clean your guitar on a daily basis, and after every time you play it too (even if that means cleaning it more than once per day). The main cleaning and polishing should be done with a soft cotton cloth, and the strings must be wiped after every time you play – this will go a long way in prolonging their life.

Cleaning and polishing a guitar

Cleaning and polishing a guitar
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It’s not uncommon to leave finger smudges on the guitar’s body, which will also see other kinds of markings too – dirt, stains, etc. The best thing to do in this case is to just blow some air with your mouth on it, and wipe it clean immediately after. If you need something with a bit more kick, you could moisturize the cloth with some water combined with mild detergent. Then there are the various commercially available cleaning products, which can come in great handy too.

A guitar is a bit like a person in that as it gets older, it needs increasingly more care. Stickiness can be dealt with using a solution of mineral spirit, or naphtha (lighter fluid), applied to a piece of cloth. The fingerboard can be cleaned easily using lemon oil – but don’t overdo the oiling as it can cause some harm to the guitar.

Don’t forget those strings – when you feel them getting too dull, you should start looking for a good deal on a new set of strings on the market, and the duration of time between their changes is going to depend on the frequency of your playing, but will usually be between 1 to 3 months.

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