Guitar Apps for Portable Devices

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New and Exciting Apps to Fuel Your Creativity

Smartphones and pads have revolutionized the way we communicate and create everything – from relationships to art and music. With the popularity of iPhones, iPads and Android devices reaching an all-time high, application developers have come up with countless useful apps for the guitarist. Here is a sample of what is out there.

Please note: Some of the apps listed here are exclusively for Apple products, others are exclusive to Android, and some are available for both. Likewise, some of these apps are free, while the more advanced ones tend to have a nominal cost attached. Check with your app store for availability and price.

 Jamplay Mobile

This free app is a mobile extension of the Jamplay website, offering guitar lessons for players of all levels. It offers many instructional videos, plus background tracks and helpful utilities such as a metronome, tuner and chord and scale libraries. There are frequent updates of backing tracks and lessons, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Steel Guitar by Yonac

Want to find out how “You Shook Me All Night Long” would sound on steel guitar? Here’s your big chance! As the name implies, this app allows you to simulate a steel guitar using the guitar you already have. Fun and interesting.


This app is helpful for any musician, particularly those who play in a band. It allows you to upload tablature files and transpose them to any key. This great app also offers standard and tab notation and MIDI multitrack playback.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Not sure what to play next? Here, you have access to a whopping 600,000 tabs! Over 150,000 songs can be played by the app, complete with loop ad tempo control. This app also features metronome, tuner and chord library functions. A must-have.

GarageBand (Apple)

This app is a songwriter’s dream! It creates guitar tones that can be strummed as chords, put into scales or played as standard fretted notes. It also offers simulated drums, bass, keyboards, strings and a virtual amp. Numerous effects are available as well. It can be plugged into an audio interface. Very versatile and portable.


This program works as a bus similar to the bus on a recording console. It allows numerous signals from different apps into GarageBand and other recording apps. Many of the better available music apps are compatible with this extremely useful program.


Like many other apps listed here, GuitarToolKit offers chord charts and a metronome function. What sets this one apart is its customizability. This app can be customized for seven-and-twelve-string instruments, banjoes, mandolins, basses and other stringed instruments. It is a great resource for many musicians.


This interesting app allows you to turn your guitar into a synthesizer. No special pickup is required. The synth is fully programmable. It offers multiple stomp box effects, a harmonizer and even MIDI compatibility.


Whether you want to improve your songwriting skills, increase your musical palette, or just have some fun, there is a guitar app out there waiting for you! Check your favorite guitar magazine or your app store to see what is available.

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