Great Electric Guitar Custom Upgrades

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Anyone who owns an electric guitar and is proud of it eventually reaches a point when they just can’t deny their need for some modifications to the instrument, and decide to go for some customization options for their guitars. There’s quite the strong desire with every guitar player to get every bit of performance you’re able to squeeze out of your guitar before dropping the money on a new model. So, what can you do to make your guitar perform better and how complicated is all of that exactly?

  1. Pickup changing – this is the single improvement that has the greatest potential for influencing your playing, as more often than not this could be an area where the manufacturer cuts their costs to some extent. There are various amazing pickup builders you could use, which specialize in all types of guitar pickups like humbucker and single-coil versions. These professionals will use the best available components and they’ll often wind the guitar by hand for even better results, producing a really noticeable difference in the quality of the sound.

    Guitar Bridge

    Guitar Humbucker Pickup
    Guitar bridge

  2. Swapping the bridge/tailpiece – this is something that tends to be a bit easier compared to replacing the pickup, yet it can still have a profound impact on your sound. This is another field where manufacturers cut corners, especially with the quality of the metals used here. Replacements are often made from brass or lightened aluminum, which improves the sustain. In addition, there’s a noticeable improvement with the intonation due to the better adjustment possibilities.
  3. The final upgrade you should consider are the tuners – if your guitar keeps getting out of tune or its tuners keep rattling, this is the time to invest in something better. There are various styles you can go with, some of them chrome, some gold and some with plastic tips – but you should try and see which one works best for your needs.
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