San Diego Guitar Lessons with Glenn Sutton

San Diego guitar lessons. Styles include: rock, classical, jazz, country, blues, Spanish Flamenco, folk, slide Dobro, pop, punk, metal, rockabilly, reggae, ska, gospel, praise, surf guitar 13412 Pomerado Rd Suite A Poway, CA 92064

The San Diego area is a hotbed of superior guitarists, so the task of finding the right guitar instructor for you or a family member can seem quite daunting. Although there are many good music teachers offering guitar lessons, San Diego is blessed with a well-known and talented musician and instructor, Glenn Sutton. Here is why you will benefit by having Glenn teach you guitar.

Glenn Sutton has been part of the vibrant and exciting San Diego music scene for decades. When he is not teaching, he can be found recording in the studio or live on stage. For over 30 years, he has performed in every type of venue imaginable, from wedding halls to concert halls. He has performed with full ensembles, small bands, and as a solo act. He is in demand for his versatility and dependability.

If there is a genre of music, Glenn has played it. From Flamenco and classical guitar to classic rock and blues guitar, from classic country to jazz, Glenn has mastered it and performed it. He is as comfortable covering Beatles and Led Zeppelin songs as he is playing Earl Klugh or BB King songs — or even one of his own compositions.

What does this mean for you as a student?

Having an instructor with a vast array of influences and different playing styles can be a better fit for you, especially if you aspire to play in more than one style. Even if you have only one style you want to learn, consider this: most of the best guitarists use influences from other styles of music when playing in the genre for which they are known. This is where Glenn’s versatility really comes into play. Glenn can show you how to use classical inflection in your jazz guitar playing or how to put a slight country twang in your hard rock (or vise-versa).

If you want nothing more than to learn guitar for your own pleasure, that’s great! Glenn’s still your guy. But what if you desire to play on stage, either solo or in a band? You should consider a music teacher who has actually had that experience. After all, guitar instruction’s not just about learning chords and scales; it’s about how your instrument works in concert with other instruments. Beyond that, it’s good to know the basics of the ever-changing music biz. Because Glenn is still playing professionally, he can give you insight which will give you an edge over other players.

In addition to his versatility and work ethic, Glenn is known for his patience and laid-back style of teaching. This is a definite plus, especially for brand-new guitar students. He will work with you to determine your goals and to help you achieve them. He works with budding, advanced, and professional guitarist of all ages and skill levels.

Glenn now offers mobile instruction. That’s right, if you cannot make it to the studio, Glenn will bring “the studio” to you! This added versatility is something most music teachers don’t offer.

When you need a good guitar instructor, Glenn is your go-to guy. Contact him today!


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