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Welcome to Glenn Sutton's new, fully equipped studio. 13412 Pomerado Rd Suite A Poway, CA 92064 Phone: 619-306-3664

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Contact Glenn Sutton for guitar lessons in San Diego (acoustic, electric and bass). He also provides piano and keyboard lessons. Serving Poway, San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, Sabre Springs, Rancho Penasquitos, Scripps Ranch and surrounding area. 13412 Pomerado Rd Suite A Poway, CA 92064 619-306-3664

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Learn bass guitar

If you are looking for a San Diego guitar teacher, there are many factors to consider such as what type of music do you want to play and does the instructor teach and play that style of music? Is the instructor also a professional musician who can give insights about the performance and business aspects of playing in a band? Does he teach in your age range? Does he teach at your skill level? What is his teaching style? What kind of success track record does he have with his students?

San Diego has many opportunities for performance at all skill levels and has a rich and varied musical culture. Accordingly, there are quite a few instructors to choose from in the area. The choice doesn’t have to be difficult — when considering sources for San Diego guitar lessons, Glenn Sutton is your man.


Soloing Electric Guitar

For over 30 years, Glenn has been a working professional musician. He has been playing music since the 8th grade. He performs in various rock, jazz, country, blues, and pop bands and performs solo classical and flamenco guitar in addition to his teaching duties. He has had extensive experience both in the studio and on the stage. He plays guitar, bass, and multiple other instruments and is also an accomplished songwriter.

What does this mean for you?

As one of the best guitar players in the area, Glenn can take you from where you are right now as a guitarist to whatever level you want to achieve. So whether you are playing guitar for the first time, or are a working pro looking to add that little extra something to your playing, Glenn can work with you to accomplish your goals.

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Playing Bar Chords

As a performing musician with multiple influences and the ability to play in multiple styles, Glenn can work with you no matter what style you prefer to play in. He can also introduce elements of other styles to personalize your playing style.


Hollow Body Guitars

Because of his vast experience and knowledge, Glenn Sutton can take you beyond mere scales and chord-strumming. He will help you to understand the guitarist’s role in a band situation. He can teach you music theory and even help you on your way to being a songwriter yourself, if that is what you aspire to. If you have become accomplished in one genre of music and want to try another, Glenn can help you down that path.

Strumming Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar

Strumming Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar

A mark of a fine guitar instructor is the ability to work with each student as an individual, to work with the student at their own pace, and to exhibit patience and kindness to all players. Glenn Sutton is renowned for his ability to work with students at whatever their level and to personalize each student’s lessons to match their skill level and desired genre of music. At the same time, he will gently challenge you to advance yourself to your desired level and beyond.

No matter where you are in your playing, or where you want to go, Glenn Sutton has the background and knowledge to help you. Spaces fill up quickly, so contact him today!

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